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Introduction to Premier Shelters

We are manufacturers of quality steel framed mobile field shelters for horses, ponies and small buildings for various needs.  Our mobile field shelters are also ideal for use as mobile stables or isolation boxes.

Fed up with tired looking field shelters getting chewed and broken? Never a problem with a Premier Shelters mobile field shelter, the Plastisol sheets stay clean, cannot be chewed and are built to order and built to last.



Why people love our shelters.


Aiden Murphy (Bloodstock Agent): " Built to last."

Mrs. Tricia Gardiner (Dressage): " I am thrilled with my Premier Shelter, its excellently made and looks great, I will recommend it to anyone."

Peter Scudamore : " I am very happy with my Premier Shelter and we use it as a stable on concrete now, but will soon move it to a field for a shelter.."

Jill Day (Days Rentals). : "Shelters, super as always!”

Steve & Lucy Pocock : “Premier Shelters are easy to deal with and the finish product is absolutely great. Highly recommended.”

Greatwood Rehab. Racehorse Centre: " I am so thrilled with my Premier Shelter that I would like one in every field."

Richard Hannon. (racehorse trainer): "We ordered five double units and they have been great."

Lady Dulverton. (Batsford Stud): "Our three Premier shelters are a great success and the horses love them."

Michael Boulding. (Rhossili): "Awesome product, delighted."

Sue Britten: "We have a shelter and it is excellent. the service, quality and build are second to none. Cannot recommend it more highly”

Darren Woodiwiss: "Very happy ponies”


Contact Us

The Shires Park, Ullingswick HR1 3JE

Diane - 07821655497

Simon -  07836 215639

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